Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bro's Beeelated bday celebration.

cousin bro's bday was on 11th of sept.
but didnt get to celebrate with him on the actual day
cuz idk why actually. hahaha! 
so we decided to celebrate on the 16th.
which is also malaysia day or whatsoever day.
planned to go for bowling at midvalley.
too bad it was super jam there. changed our venue
to my favorite place, sunway :)

otw to Sunway Pyramid :)

got forced by bro to play ice skating.
hahaha. i was super dumb. didn't even dare to play.
went one round and decided to get out of that place.
wasted 33bucks/pax.

mommy & me while waiting for bro.

then headed straight to the bowling alley at 7pm.

narcissist me o.O

mommy & bro. how cute :P 

cutie mom <33

then headed to Soul-ed Out at Sri Hartamas.

'ze menu :)
loving the place & ambiance there.

happy belated bday gor :P

mimi and me again :D

foods arrived. happy child! *claps*
my Salmon Alfredo.
tasted so so only. not as good as i expected.

mommy's Sirloin Steak.
good (Y)

didn't get to take bro's food tho. haha.

ordered a jug of Tiger beer.
eeee. i don't like it.
i prefer Hoegaarden.

the bill :D
foods weren't that expensive.
it's the drinks there that cost a lot.
affordable price tho :)

last but not least,
a photo of me & my bro.
hehehehe. ciaoz! bye loves <3

Monday, September 19, 2011

Shopping day with Babe Miko :)

a day out with miko baby :)
it was our first time going out together.
i mean merely the both of us :)
went to her place & fetched her then off to swang.
bought some stuffs then headed to pavilion :)

me & her in the car. it was kinda jam that day :\

had our lunch at Ichiban Boshi.
my lovely Salmon Meshi. i think that's the name lar. 
haha. couldn't recall :)

cam whore before food arrived :D

me again -__-

shop a while then to Ochado.
OMG. im seriously loving their Milk Tea.
it's soooo fucking naiis (Y)
must try k? ;) 

last photo. me & my love <3
she's sho pretty! 

then went to Shiok Cafe at SS15 Subang.
shisha-ed and yumcha-ed with the girls.
Mezors, Vivian, Miko and Me :) 

that's all. haha. just wanna update my dead blog.
ciaoz love :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Clubbing night at Mist with ze girls & guys :)

another clubbing night with my girls at mist, as mentioned.
had so much great time with 'em and the guys.
got drunkkkkk and did things that i will never do in my life.
such an embarrassment. ugh.
first time i got like soo drunk and i puked twice.
however, although i'm drunk i still had the ability to puke in the toilet.
LOL. imba. babe joey & babe miko were also drunk. haha

getting ready at miko's place.

dressed up!

all ready! w/ babe vivian & joey ;)

outside Mist club :)

with anna & joann. the pretty ladies <3

babe joey & belle <3

and finally me :)

took quite a number of photos. BUT...
it's not edible. or inappropriate. LOLOL!
feel like killing myself when i see those photos.
ughhh. whatever. never do the same thing anymore.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


over exaggerated a lil bit.
sometimes it's just too tough to control your feeling,
when someone disappoints you.
guess this is my first time posting such emotional status
on facebook. LOLOLL! 
with all the laughter around, i'm still sad.
well, i guess i need some anti-depression pills right now.
yeah, over exaggerating again. LOL. sorry for the emoness.

off-ing now to babe joey's place.
swimming with her :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reblogging cuz I'm Bored.

i am back to blogging.
it's obvious on my title.
i blog cuz i'm bored. having my 3weeks break now.
just got back from hometown at malacca.
feeling bored again. ugh. someone help me.
clubbing on this friday at mist. anyone going? :)
shall take it as my last time clubbing.
don't wanna club too much. ahaha. right :D

anyway, i told myself i'll start reblogging once i get ma iphone4.
but i'm just too lazy lahhh. outings everyday.
have been spending money like water nowadays. geez. 
yumcha shopping yumcha shopping.

well, i know this blog post is merely pointless. 
hahahaha. whatever. will blog something "with points" the next time.
aite. bye :)